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Friday, May 02, 2008

May Sample Skein Swatches

When I subscribed to Elann Sample Skeins, one of my goals was to knit up each sample skein, including yarn I would never dream of buying. Because who knows? I might fall in love with a yarn that I otherwise never would have tried. Or, in short, I wanted to experiment a little and expand my yarn exposure.

The following are my impressions of the May sample skeins. These are NOT yarn reviews. They are my personal preferences after knitting a sample skein.

The picture was taken before the swatches were washed. I washed all four of them in the washer with agitation, and all four passed the laundry test with flying colors.

I haven't decided which I'm going to buy, if any. But none of the four are out of the running.

Elann's Luna (upper left). 55% viscose, 45% cotton. DK weight. Swatch knit on #3 needle.

This yarn is much prettier in person than in my picture or in the Elann color flyer for May. There's a matt strand and a very shiny strand twisted together. In most of the colors, the two strands are different in hue and the result is gorgeous.

The featured pattern for this yarn is a Feather and Fan Bolero and I'm a sucker for anything Feather and Fan. Where does that leave me? Trying to pick a color and asking myself if I will really wear a lacy bolero. (Bolero pattern free on the Elann website.)

Elann's Soie Lin (upper right). 70% silk, 30% linen. DK weight. Swatch knit on #3 needle.

This is the first silk yarn I've ever knit and liked the result. The silk/linen combination is perfect and Soie Lin got an A+ in washability.

Not too crazy about the colors, but I'm thinking this would make a lovely lacy top. If I buy this yarn, I'll probably just get Seed Pearl, the color of the swatch.

Queensland Maldive (lower left). 45% cotton, 45% acrylic, 10% viscose. DK weight. Swatch knit on #3 needle.

Soft and easy to knit. And there's a bright green color calling my name - unless I decide on the orange or turquoise.

My only reservation about Maldive is the little flecks of dark color. The majority are sitting on the yarn surface without being firmly attached. I can pick them off, brush them off, and some are so loose I can blow them off.

I expected them to fall off in the wash, but they didn't. Magic yarn?

Queensland Tahiti 49% cotton, 36% acrylic, 12% microfiber, 3% polyester. Aran weight. Swatch knit on #5 needle.

My swatch is the tamest of the nine offered color combos. The yarn isn't expensive and I just might knit up a short sleeve summer top for fun.

It would be like nothing I've ever knit before. Almost have to be all stockinette. Would the colors keep me happy or would I doze off in a bored, stockinette induced stupor?

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