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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Wings - Eastern Phoebe

The Phoebe is a small member (about 7 inches long) of the flycatcher family. So much fun to watch. This is the male.

It's easy to spot them sitting on old fence posts along side the pond looking out over the water while flipping their tail up and down. When they see a yummy looking flying insect, they dart out, grab it, and circle back onto the fence post.

This is the female. Each year she builds a nest underneath a second story deck on the pond side of the house.

Phoebes are summer residents and their return is a sure sign of spring.

Each year when they return I hear them before I see them. They sit outside my bedroom window in the morning and wake me up (if a dog hasn't already done so) with their call. Phoe-be, phoe-be.

Normally the little red squirrels are hyper.

This pitiful looking mom squirrel is taking a break from her young. She wasn't even eating, just sitting there enjoying the peace and quiet while spending some time out of the nest. She looks like she could use a good nap.

If you click to embiggen, you can see her swollen nipples - or you can just take my word for it. And she has the telltale sign of all new mothers with multiples - the hair on top of her head is sticking straight up.

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