Let the past sleep, but let it sleep in the sweet embrace of Christ, and let us go on into the invincible future with Him. (Oswalt Chambers)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Chat

It's a cold, rainy Saturday in SW Michigan.

I slept in until 9:30 this morning and finally feel rested for the first time since getting home from Idaho.

My thoughts have shifted from "I'm tired", to making plans for the yard. But I'm glad it's raining today. As soon as I publish this blog post, I'm going to go knit for the first time since last Monday in Idaho. I'm not ready to face the second sweater sleeve yet, but there's a pair of socks calling me to the needles.

A misleading daffodil picture.

Most of my daffodils haven't bloomed yet, but I zoomed in on this small group of early daffodils showing their spring color in the rain.

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