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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Different Doggy Viewpoints

Different viewpoints on the same question and the freedom to express them, that's what makes life interesting.

Today's question is: What do you think of the creek?

I found three dogs to ask. They each emphatically expressed a different viewpoint.

Pappy, a 14 pound Papillon in his senior years:

I can tell it's wet. I think it's cold, but I don't know for sure and don't want to find out.

If I have to get wet, I want it to be a nice warm bath at the groomers.

Sunny, a 16 pound dog of many breeds in her middle age:

After a nice long walk the cold water tastes great, but I'm very careful to keep my feet on solid, dry ground.

I don't like to get wet. Not even in the warm water at the groomers.

Glory, a 60 pound Lab mix in her senior years:

Nothing feels as good as standing in the creek letting the cold water flow into my chest.

Dogs were made for swimming. It's especially fun in the fall when there are fish to chase. I have to protect Mom and Dad from those big fish. It's part of my job.

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