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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sydney, Sunny, and Seed

A quick update on non-knitting topics. . .

My next trip to Idaho to visit Granddaughter Sydney and her parents is booked for October 30.

She can talk and ask questions now. This is going to be a fun fun trip.

Little sixteen pound Sunny takes her name seriously. She's the only dog of our three who likes to sit still outside and soak up the sun.

It's always amusing when a rabbit the other two dogs are chasing dashes out of the weeds right in front of Sunny, the dog who doesn't care.

(Animal lovers: Don't freak out. The rabbits are much smarter than my dogs and never get caught.)

Yesterday the powerrake came and got the right of way in our front yard ready for grass seed.

The man who looks idle had the nasty job of hand raking the powerrake tire tracks after the machine backed out. It was a hot day. I hope they pay him well.

Today the hydroseed truck blew on the grass seed. It was a bit breezy so this was the only picture I got before I had to close the window.

There's a man standing in the back of the truck spraying the seed on with a hose. They did several passes by our yard.. I think we're well seeded.

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