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Friday, October 26, 2007

Save the Fish for Glory

The past month we've noticed various government vehicles driving up and down our newly remodeled road. Sometimes the men got out and peered into the creek, gesturing with their hands, hitting their foreheads and shrugging their shoulders. Then they drove away.

This morning I was in the back room when Bob called out, "They're doing something!"

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality - Water told the county the run off of the new road needed to be kept out of the trout stream. So they erected this totally ugly silt barrier (the black thing) along some of our frontage.

The water in the top picture is a spring fed pond, not the creek. I keep telling myself I'm happy not to have run off into the pond. And I am. But I'm not happy to have this ugly silt barrier.

At least we fared better than our neighbor. He ended up with a silt barrier on both sides of his driveway because the creek runs under it.

Does that thing look like it's going to stand up through winter snowplowing? No, it isn't. Then what?

Glory, our big dog, is happy the trout are going to be safe and have clear water so she can see them better.

She considers the trout vermin and likes to jump in the cold creek and chase them away. I think she might be part Newfie.

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