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Monday, October 22, 2007

It Might As Well Be Spring

The year of weird SW Michigan weather continues on in this late October.

We've had very few cold, crisp days so the autumn leaf color show is mediocre. Usually by this time of the month, many trees are leafless. This tulip tree is normally one of the first to drop its leaves on the yard.

The Woman Who Worries About Everything at doggy school says when the snow comes down and settles on the leaves still on the trees there will be many big branches and even trees that can't handle the weight. They will break or fall over leaving us without power for days.

Plants, both wild and cultivated, also seem to be confused about the season.

This is a Marsh Marigold currently blooming along the creek bed.

Normally they bloom in the early spring and then go dormant, leaves and all, until the next spring. It's as surprising to see the leaves as the flowers.

Spiderwort is a garden plant. Not one of my favorites, but it volunteers in random places. If nothing else important is growing where it pops up, I let it bloom.

It's another spring bloomer that's putting on a fall show a week after it normally is frosted to the ground.

This pretty day lily is one of the first to bloom in very early summer. I love seeing it put on a second, smaller show in the fall. Most years it doesn't get the chance.

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