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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Screaming Knitting Scheduler

I have a knitting scheduler in my head that keeps track of my projects at a subconscious level. When things get impossible, it creates a feeling of stress and I have to face my overextended knitting goals.

Right now my knitting scheduler is in full screaming mode. There is nothing that's going to be done when I think it should be. Time to adjust expectations so I can get on with enjoying summer without knitting guilt.

Acorn sweater swatches
  • Status - The #4 needle swatch is done, blocked, and too tight. The #6 needle swatch is done, blocked, and too floppy. I need a #5 needle swatch which I think is going to be just right.

    Now, after the fact, I wonder why I didn't knit the #5 swatch first. That's the needle size I used for FLAK and it was perfect for the cabled Peruvian worsted. Isn't hindsight wonderful?

  • In my dreams schedule - I want all the swatches done and blocked by Friday (tomorrow), the first possible day my yarn shipment might arrive.

  • Reality schedule - The yarn is going to arrive and I will not be ready to cast on for at least a week. That hurts.

Mystery Stole 3 Clue 2
  • Status - I'm about one fifth done with Clue 2.

  • In my dreams schedule - I want it done by Friday (tomorrow) when Clue 3 is published.

  • Reality Schedule - Maybe next week I'll be able to catch up with the rest of the group. Actually, in reality, a large percent of the rest of the group isn't done with Clue 2 either.

    Why do I feel the pressure here? This is not a race. A realistic goal is to catch up during the Clue 4 knit. We have two weeks for that one.

Red White Gansey
  • Status - I've been so intent on the stole and the swatches, I haven't considered knitting on it since I returned from Idaho. There are three inches of one sleeve left to knit. It could be done in an evening.

  • In my dreams schedule - Finished yesterday. We had a cool day and I got a haircut. Would have been the perfect day for a photo shoot.

  • Reality Schedule - I will finish the last sleeve before casting on the Acorn sweater. It will take super will power.

Emerald City socks
  • Status - I'm past the gusset decreases on the foot of both socks. I pick a sock up when I'm too tired to knit on something that requires a brain.

  • In my dreams schedule - None. I'm in no hurry to finish these socks.

    Now why can't all my knitting projects be relaxed like that?

Closing note for those who know my New Year's resolution was to limit myself to a maximum of three knitting projects at one time: I have rationalized the four projects above by declaring that swatches are not a project.

Once I'm back under the three project limit, I'm changing the rules to include swatching in the project count. Obviously if I had to write this post I have exceeded the project limit my brain can handle without knitting stress.

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