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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry, Noise, and Bluebirds

No Spoilers Here

Want to Get Sorted? I'm
a Ravenclaw!

The tree destruction crew didn't work this weekend so we propped the mailbox up and Harry Potter was delivered on Saturday as expected.

No knitting or plant moving was accomplished once HP arrived.

I finished the book late this evening and award it an O. O = Outstanding, the highest grade possible at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Tomorrow the Noise Begins Again

This extremely loud tree eating machine is parked near our property line.

When the trees get cut down they get thrown in the road. Then a machine that drags trees around pulls them to the tree eating machine where they are turned into chips. The chips go out the chute into the semi.

All the marked trees on our property are down except for two very large oak trees which require special handling. I'm sure tomorrow is their day to fall.

The large oaks and our large pine trees are going/have gone to a young man down the street who has a saw mill.

Bluebirds at Ten Days

The bluebirds are ten days old today and no longer willing to pose nicely for the camera. They have eyes now and know that I am not their mother. When I open the nest box flap, they dive for cover.

The box will stay shut once they're 14 days old. That's when their wings will be developed to the point there is a risk of them flapping out of the nest.

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