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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sky, Pain, and New Project

Sunny Saturday Sky on August 19, 2006It gently rained all last night. The morning was cloudy and misty, but by this afternoon when I took this picture the sun was shining and the sky was blue with fluffy white clouds.

That yellow tinged vegetation on the bottom of the shot is goldenrod just starting to bloom, a sure sign that autumn is not far away.

Last week was a painful week.

Sunny's spondylosis flared up so we visited the vet on Monday for pain meds. She's better now and we have an adequate supply of painkiller on hand for next time.

Mom's broken arm decided to swell and be painful. We spent Friday morning in the orthopedic doctor's office getting her cast cut off and a new one plastered on. Mom also received an adequate supply of painkiller.

Ribbing swatch for Set-in Sleeve Aran just before I frogged itNew Project
On the knitting front, Grasshopper is done. Well, the knitting is done. There is still the sewing together to finish.

Time to swatch for the next project.

I thought I was going to knit the Aran Sweater with Set-in Sleeves using Dusty Teal Peruvian Highland Wool. Since I prefer nice, vertical ribbing around my hips instead of horizontal garter stitch, I graphed out a ribbing that was 10% less stitches than the body and would merge into the body cables.

After swatching the ribbing and about six rows of the body cables, I could hear the yarn telling me it did not want to be this sweater. And I did not want to knit this sweater with this yarn. The color is too dark to showcase the cables and these cables are too labor intensive to knit if they can't be seen and appreciated.

So I frogged the swatch in the picture.

Then, I asked the yarn what it wanted to be and it told me:
I want to be a warm, cozy cardigan for you to wear with your jeans. Since I match the color of your jeans, you would wear me often, over any color shirt.

Why don't you look for a pretty cardigan pattern that isn't stockinette and has little or no cabling?

This afternoon I had a pleasant time looking through pattern books and knitting magazines. I think I found the perfect cardigan for this yarn. I'm planning to swatch tonight. I'll let you know how it works out.

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