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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sky and Mom's New Cast

Clear blue summer sky on August 12, 2006It was a perfect summer day today - cool in the morning, cool in the evening, clear sky all day long.

It was the first day in over a week that I've been home all day. I was so tired I didn't even knit. I read a book, took a nap, ate some ice cream, and fiddled a bit with my new laptop trying to get the settings the way I want them.

We have all the windows open, so the house is full of fresh air and summer noises minus the biting deer flies. The beautiful weather wasn't wasted on my day of lounging.

There were some nice outdoor walks with the dogs, but mostly I vegetated and regrouped for next week which is also going to be busy. Busy is OK. It was all the stress of my laptop croaking and having to buy a new one and then getting it loaded and configured that wore me out and fried my brain this past week.

I am moderately PC literate and able to figure things out. How do the people without a clue ever get their computers functional?

Mom with her new blue castIsn't Mom looking better? (Better than what? Look here.)

Yesterday we spent several hours at the doctor's office trading in the huge, heavy, plaster, shoulder to knuckle cast for this new, pretty light blue fiberglas model.

The good news, she can bend her elbow now. The bad news, she's lost the use of her thumb. The best news, she thinks this cast is a big improvement and she's happy.

In four weeks, on September 8, if she's a good patient and heals well, the cast is scheduled to come off.

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