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Monday, August 21, 2006

Dusty Teal Has Spoken

Peerie Brocade Cardigan from Fall 1999 KnittersThe dusty teal Peruvian Highland Wool has spoken. It wants to be this sweater, the Peerie Brocade Cardigan from Fall 1999 Knitters designed by Charlie Hada.

In all the times I've looked through this magazine, I never paid much attention to this pattern until last weekend when it popped out as just what the yarn and I needed.

No changes to the pattern are planned. I think it's going to make a great long, heavy, warm sweater to wear whenever I need something to throw on with my jeans.

Swatch for my Peerie Brocade CardiganThe overall pattern repeat is 50 rows consisting of five different ten row horizontal knit/purl motifs.

This is my swatch after washing.

The sweater pattern gives alternate instructions for calculating a version in any size for any gauge. How handy. I was a little disappointed that my swatch hit gauge right on and I'll be able to use the numbers provided instead of figuring my own.

First five pattern panels of Perrie Brocade Cardigan
The body is knit in one piece. This picture shows the right front, the side slit, and a small part of the back.

There are 248 stitches on the needle.

I almost wrote that it takes forever to knit a row, but that can't be true since forever is a long long time and it's obvious I've managed to knit more than one row. Now I'm curious how long a row does take. Next time I sit down to knit, I'll time one.

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