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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

File Those Needles

File box with hanging file folders, one for each needle sizeI've been happily keeping my knitting needles in hanging file folders for many years now. Today they got a new file box.

The file box they were in was thirty years old, ugly olive green, and missing a lid. It is now in the garbage. RIP

As I was switching the needles to their new hanging files and placing them in their new file box (this one has a cover, it just doesn't show in the picture), it occurred to me that a) I've never mentioned how I file my needles b) I needed something to write about today. So when I was done, I took a picture.

All my needles are circulars or double points. I store them in the package they came in and drop them in the hanging files according to their size.

It's just enough organization so I can find what I need and it's easy to slip the needles in and out. It's not pretty, but it is super handy and practical.

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