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Friday, January 13, 2006

Questions and Comments

Dene asked . . .
Did you find knots in your Highland wool? I wound 7 skeins yesterday and found knots in all but one skein. 2 skeins had 2 knots each!

No knots yet in the almost two skeins I've used swatching.

I've been knitting straight from the skein as purchased, so I can't say how many knots there might be in the rest of the yarn.

Fran asked . . .
Do you think we will be able to do the cables down the sides instead of the middle? I like the basket weave section for the middle myself.

I seriously considered putting the basketweave cable down the center of my FLAK.

If I recall correctly, Janet said the basketweave was going down each of the sleeves. I'm going to cede to her design expertise and assume that a matching basketweave down each side is going to look great with the sleeves.

I'm treating FLAK as my Aran Knitting 101 class and plan to make as few changes to Janet's design as possible so I don't get in over my head.

Not that my plans should stop you, Fran. I'd love to see what the sweater looks like with the basketweave down the front. Go for it!

In response to my major frogging session, DJ asked . . .
Could it be the weather? or the phase of the moon? or who knows what?
The weather is a good scapegoat and phase of the moon always works well, also. When we have an evening in doggy school where all the dogs act flaky, we always blame it on one of those two things. Makes sense that knitting and dogs react the same to outside influences. Right?

I had a molar pulled out of my head with a crowbar extracted yesterday, so I'm lazing around in sweats and knitting today while the swelling recedes. As of this minute, the Aguave front is back to the exact row where I started frogging on Tuesday. Onward to the armholes and neckline!

I chose oral surgery with Novocain instead of a general anesthetic so I could come home and knit. Can you top that for knitting dedication?

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