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Monday, January 23, 2006

Mindless, Dreamcatching Socks

Dreamcatcher socks in progressPattern: Basic 56 Stitch Sock

Yarn: Opal sock yarn, 75% wool, 25% nylon

Color: Dreamcatcher 1235

Needles: Addi Turbo #1

Gauge: 8 stitches/inch, 10 rows/inch

Shortly after writing last Wednesday's post, I split the prize Opal into two balls and cast on socks. For me.

I like my socks snug, knit on 56 stitches for my thin ankles and feet. The rest of my sock recipients need 64 stitch socks, so once the socks were started they had to be for me.

Son John said he liked the colors. He will get his March birthday socks in the same colors, except they will be Opal Magic, not Dreamcatcher.

It's been nice to knit on something mindless, but that all ends tomorrow when the next installment of the Follow the Leader Aran project is posted. I love these breaks we're getting between FLAK installments. They keep my enthusiasm going for the project. Of course, we haven't knit a substantial piece of the sweater yet. Just two swatches and two saddles. There hasn't been much reason to tire of the project yet.

Aguave needs some sewing together and blocking before I knit the sleeves. And yes, Hanover still needs to be sewn together.

The Hanover pattern says to crochet the pieces together with a chain stitch. Since, for once, I followed the pattern exactly, I hate to break rank in the last step of the project. I have my doubts about the chain stitch construction, though. On the other hand, it should be easy to rip out chain stitch if it doesn't look right.

Inspire me! What is your favorite stitch for sewing in knitted sleeves?

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