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Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Miscellany

Eris - Future Project
After spotting Eris on Close to my Heart, I bought the pattern and officially inserted it in my queue to be knit. But not to be started until a few other projects are completely finished.

The pattern spoke to me because -
  1. I'm completely intrigued with the way the cables work with the simple stockinette stitch. It looks like it will be a challenge.
  2. It's the type of garment I wear often.
  3. I can pick out another of those luscious Elann colors and buy more yarn.
  4. It's going to make me work on a knitting problem that's been nagging at me for years. In back and forth knitting I get ridges because my knit stitches and purl stitches are not the same gauge. I plan to do plenty of swatching and come up with a solution to this problem before starting Eris.

Not Too Late to Join FLAK
FLAK is different from a regular knitalong. It's much more than a pattern, it's a tutorial on knitting an Aran, one piece, top down, that fits your exact measurements.

We're getting bi-weekly lessons from Janet where she spells out each sweater step in detail. So far we're only on Part 4, the top of the back. Janet is spacing the lessons about two weeks apart.

Still plenty of time to join and catch up if you really want to do it. The lessons are on Janet's web site. You don't need to join the Yahoo group to see/print the tutorials.

Comments on Church
In response to the comments and email feedback on why people don't go to church, I completely understand how believers and potential believers get turned off by the actions of organized Christianity in this country. And especially some of the obnoxiously visible men who aggressively step forward to represent Christianity in the news.

I think the Lord has a special place in hell for those who use His name to their benefit and don't have Him in their hearts.

I went to dozens of churches before landing in the church where I am now. It's far from perfect, but there are many people there who love the Lord. I use it as a base for worship and learning, but I have never joined because of their attitude about some issues I feel strongly about.

It's a fallen world. We need to remember not to neglect our relationship with the Lord just because there is no perfect church.

Off my soapbox now. Have a great weekend.

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