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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Done with Top of FLAK Back

FLAK back knit to the bottom of the arm hole openingPattern: Follow the Leader Aran by Janet Szabo

Yarn: Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool

Color: Antique Rose

Needles: US #5

Gauge: 22 stitches/4 inches in Moss Stitch

Tonight I'm celebrating the completion of Part 4 of FLAK.

The way my measurements and calculations turned out, I had no room at the sides for filler stitch. In fact, I had an extra half inch of cables.

Janet's instructions suggested eliminating some cables if we had too many. With only being a half inch over and not wanting to eliminate any of the beautiful cables, I recalculated the sweater to make it a half inch larger across the back.

After adding a quarter inch to each saddle, the entire set of cables fit fine. And FLAK is going to fit fine, also. I have sweaters with the same measurement as the new, larger FLAK and they're very comfy.

There must be some strange psychology with Janet releasing the pattern in installments. Everytime I finish an installment, it feels like a finished object.

Now I'm looking forward to working on a few other things until Part 5 is published. If it takes another week or two before we get Part 5, that will be fine with me.

Update on Glory for Those Who Care
Glory, our 66 pound lab mix, had surgery on an ear hematoma almost 3+ weeks ago.

She still has the tube in but the drainage has decreased to almost nothing. She has an appointment Saturday morning to see if the tube can be removed.

Since I am the designated doggy nurse and the tube needs to be cleaned several times a day, no one - except maybe Glory - wants that tube out more than me. However, I want the vet to be over cautious not to remove it prematurely. We do not want the ear to swell up again and require more surgery.

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