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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Top Candidates for What to Knit Next

ChelleC left a comment yesterday asking to see the projects on my knitting "to do" list.

Here it is - a list of everything I want to be knitting right now:

  • Chutes and Ladders socks for Six Sock Knitalong. If I'm going to participate, these need to be done by the end of July. It will be a hard decision whether to knit this pattern or start working on two original patterns I have ready to knit and write up.

  • New pattern to share, Shetland Snowflake socks. Maybe this could wait a few months before we're ready to start thinking about snow.

  • New Pattern to share, More Fun Than Cables sock. This is a very cool stitch pattern and I'm anxious to knit it and post it.

  • Opal Tutti Fruiti socks. This yarn is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to having a pair of socks knit from it. Unfortunately, the three sock patterns listed above are not appropriate for the colorful Tutti Fruiti stripes, so this needs to be a separate project.

  • Secret Sock pattern. I will be test knitting a sock pattern arriving in the mail the first part of July. Fortunately, there's no deadline on getting it done. If necessary, it can go in the stash to age a while.

  • Four more pair of CIC socks. The sock challenge ends August 31. My goal is two pair in June (almost done), two pair in July, and two pair in August. These are my mindless, take along knitting.

  • Five CIC sweaters out of the brightly colored Lopi I just bought. And I'd like to write up a pattern or two for other knitters to use for CIC knitting. The CIC_Knit List seems to be lacking some easy, bulky weight sweater patterns.

  • Branching Out Scarf in green Knitpicks Andean Treasure. This is my quick project to try out this yarn.

  • Dayflower Lace Scarf in red maple leaf Knitpicks Merino Style. This is my quick project to try out this yarn.

  • Lace scarf (pattern to be determined) out of blue Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud. In fact, I have enough Alpaca Cloud for two scarves.

  • Hanover Jacket from Jean Frost Jackets, yarn to be determined. Knitpicks Elegance is the leading contender. This and the test sock are the only projects on the list that I don't have the yarn for yet.

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