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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday Snippets for June 11

Scarf Clarification
Sorry I wasn't clear about the scarf picture in the last post. Several readers - maybe more - thought the picture was the Branching Out scarf being knit in Elegance.

The scarf in the picture is being knit from the pattern Matthew's Scarf by Myrna Stahman.

Since this is my first seaman's scarf, I thought it would be interesting to follow a seaman's scarf pattern. So I went looking and found the beautiful Matthew's Scarf which appears to be perfect for Elegance.

I have three different KnitPicks yarns waiting to be turned into a scarf. For the Branching Out scarf, I'm going to use the sport weight Andean Treasure - unless I change my mind before I start knitting it.

Kimmy at her ninth birthday partyCongratulations to Kimberly Louise
Granddaughter Kimmy just completed fourth grade. It's become an annual tradition for this grandma to celebrate the end of a successful school year with a day at Full Blast for Kimmy and the friend of her choice.

Yesterday was Full Blast day, so I gathered up a non-demanding book, sunscreen, towels, and drove to Battle Creek.

My role for the day was easy: chauffeur, sit under a large beach umbrella, read a book, and hand out money as needed. The kids had fun and I had fun watching them have fun.

We ended the day with dinner at the restaurant of Kimmy's choice, Burger King.

Nest Box Update
There are five bluebird eggs now. Approximate hatch date is in two weeks, June 25.

The young swallows are doing well. When I open the nest box, they all hunker down and play dead. All the pictures I've taken look like a nest containing a dark blob. That's why you're not seeing a swallow picture today.

The Weather
It is hot (90s) and humid (blah) here and has been for the past week. There's another thunderstorm blowing in across Lake Michigan from Chicago. I'm going to unplug my laptop, grab one of my freshly fetched library books, and sit in front of the fan and read.

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