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Friday, April 01, 2005

Start of Backyard Leaves Scarf

Post 1 of 5 for the Backyard Leaves Scarf Contest.
Leave a comment on this post within seven days of post date and you will be entered into a drawing for the completed scarf.

Complete list of rules and procedures is here.

Knitpicks Andean Silk yarn in color Lettuce for knitting the Backyard Leaves Scarf I'm using four skeins of Andean Silk from Knitpicks in the color Lettuce accurately described in their catalog as:
A gorgeous green that shows off textured stitches and cables beautifully.
Andean Silk is 55% super fine alpaca, 23% silk, and 22% merino wool. Smooth to knit, very soft, and comes in center pull skeins with the yarn end sticking out so you don't have to dig around inside for it.

Backyard Leaves scarf cast on, setup rows, and one pattern repeatThe scarf is knit in two identical pieces from the center back out to the ends. The pieces are sewn together at the cast on edge.

Right away I know that SSS (Usually Second Sock Syndrome, but in this case Second Scarf Syndrome) is going to apply, so I'll be knitting both pieces at the same time. Once I get four pattern repeats done on this first piece, I'll cast on the second piece and knit four pattern repeats.

I'm very concerned about sewing the two halves together. The initial long tail cast on is 10 stitches. After four rows of partial leaf pattern, five more stitches are caston for the second leaf motif. Makes for a very untidy edge for sewing.

The pattern says:
With yarn threaded on a tapestry needle, sew CO edges of the two halves tog, aligning the "stems" at the base of each leaf.

Not very helpful. I know the yarn needs to be threaded on a tapestry needle. Then what?

Sewing together is not my knitting strength. This little seam is going to be a major challenge for my meager sewing skills.

Any helpful hints?

For those who need a comment prompt, here's a question: Do you wear scarves? Why or why not?

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