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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

CIC Knitting

Very colorful wooden knitting lady with cat from RussiaThis little knitting lady from Russia came in the mail today from a CIC friend. Check out the cat on her right (left in the picture). So cute.

She is five inches of painted and highly lacquered wood and has chimes inside. When I picked up the box to bring it in the house, it played music for me. I couldn't imagine what it was. What a fun surprise.

I'm working on a vest pattern for CIC. If I was just knitting the vest, it would be done by now. Recording the pattern requires things to be a little tidier, so I've been frogging and trying to get it just right.

In June Karen from CIC is taking a trip to toddler orphan homes in the former Soviet Union. The CIC_Knit List is busy knitting toddler sized wool vests, sweaters, and socks for her to take and distribute.

I'm administering the vest challenge which involves setting guidelines, answering questions, encouraging the knitters, and counting the vests that get mailed to Karen.

The counting is for fun - to see how many we can get done. Once a week I publish a list of the current count, naming the knitters and telling how many vests they've knit.

Knitting for CIC is very rewarding. The knits are personally delivered to kids who are excited to get them and need them to stay warm. The orphan homes are not adequately heated.

Often the people who deliver the knits are members of the CIC_Knit List, so we get to hear about the orphan homes, the children, and how we have made some of their lives more comfortable.

I invite you to join us. Even one small pair of worsted weight wool socks will warm the feet of one more child.

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