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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Knitting Log for April 3

Lavold Sweater
Instead of working on the scarf like I wanted to do today, I decided to get the neckline ribbing done on the Lavold Sweater. So I did. It's done.

After I joined the shoulder seams, I tried the sweater on and the neck opening appeared to be gigantic. That is why I didn't worry about the opening getting too small as I picked up stitches and worked an inch of ribbing around the neckline.

I should have worried. The neckline is too small to go over my head.

It's sitting by my knitting chair waiting to be frogged.

CIC Vests
Cabled toddler sweater for CICKaren, one of the CIC people who travels to the former Soviet Union to visit the orphanages and deliver our knitting, is leaving on trip in June. The CIC_Knit List is busy knitting wool socks and vests for her to take. I'm heading up the vest challenge, so I think I better knit a few vests myself.

I really like this toddler vest I whipped up in January, so knitting another one in this pattern will be my first April vest project. This time I'm going to write up the pattern so other knitters can knit it.

Any thoughts on a cute name for the pattern?

Granddaughter Kimmy is going to be spending some time with us during spring break next week. That vest will be perfect to work on while she's here. My other projects are all at the stage they require more knitting concentration than I want to give with such pleasant company around.

Where Are the Socks?
Still no socks on the needles. The new Six Sock Knitalong pattern is very cute but not suitable for daughter Heather's requested red birthday socks. I'll cast on some red lace socks for her after the two vests are done. Now I just need to decide which lace.

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