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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Knitting Log for April 27

Opal UNI-Solid red and Opal Tutti Fruiti Now that the Backyard Leaves scarf is done, I'm thinking about socks for daughter Heather's birthday. She asked for red and yarn doesn't get any redder than this. It's Opal UNI-Solid red, soon to be knit in a pretty lace pattern.

If I knew which lace pattern, the socks would be started. I need to spend some time in my stitch treasuries to finalize the sock design.

The multi colored skein is Opal Tutti Fruiti, and it's for me. I think I'll knit them up in a horizontal type lace pattern, but not until Heather's socks are done.

Two things on the needles at once seems to be my limit for peace of mind. When I get three or more projects going, it feels like I'm not making progress on any of them. Then I end up picking one thing to work on. When the other projects get set aside, I frequently have the urge to leave them aside, never to be finished.

The Lavold Silky Tweed sweater is in set-aside status right now and I'm struggling with going back to it.

Last time I saw Lavold, I was shoving it in a bag after just completing a well executed neckline ribbing that wouldn't fit over my head. But it's coming out of hiding soon. Frogging that neckline will be the first order of business.

After all, I can't just pack that sweater away forever. You're all anxious to see it again. Right? If you don't see it soon, you'll know that I'm a weak person who just knits for fun and gives up easily when things get a little nasty.

Peer pressure. Some days it's just what I need to push me toward the right knitting bag.

Two Cozy in Cables Vests and a pair of socks for CICFriend Sherry knits for CIC. Lately we've been taking turns sending in a box containing our joint efforts.

It's Sherry's turn to go to the Post Office, so tonight when I see her at church she will get a bag with these two Cozy in Cables vests and one little pair of socks knit in John's Basketweave Ribbing pattern.

Writing the Cozy in Cables Vest Pattern has been very rewarding. Even though it cut into my knitting time and I was only able to complete two vests instead of four, several knitters have used the pattern for their CIC knitting.

The pattern was noticed by the Dulaan Project, a group that knits for the homeless children of Mongolia. Some of those knitters are also knitting Cozy in Cables.

It's my hope that it will be used for charity knitting for years to come. A piece of my heart goes with every little vest knit. May the children of the world be warm and feel a little of our love when they wear their Cozy in Cables vests.

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