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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Winter 2004 Knitter's Magazine

There was a time, several years ago, when one of the highlights of my knitting life was to receive a new copy of Knitter's. I would spend several hours going through it and enjoying the patterns and techniques.

Now I'm seriously thinking of letting my subscription lapse. The quality of the magazine has declined. The patterns are mostly things I could knit without a pattern - if I wanted to knit them, which I don't. What little editorial content there is holds no interest for me.

Still, it doesn't seem right to be a knitter and not subscribe. If I don't have my copy I won't be able to see what so many people on the knitting lists are complaining about.

Oops, that's not true. Knitter's does publish online pictures of the projects in each issue. I really have no excuse to pay money for this magazine. I'm still thinking it over.

While I'm thinking, the Winter 2004 issue arrived.

First thing I had to check out was the much ridiculed Sock Scarf with randomly placed afterthought heels.

In the large picture that goes with the pattern, they show the scarf looped around the neck of a man. He has both hands thrown up in the air as if he can't wait to get that scarf thing off his neck. The look on his face says, "This thing is awful but I'm smiling anyway because they're paying me for this."

After that description, I probably don't need to tell you my opinion of the Sock Scarf? Your opinion may differ. If you make it, keep your sense of humor and expect people to stare and point when you wear it.

Another ugly pattern is the Pick-up Diamonds Helmet Hat. But it sure looks warm, so I sat down yesterday afternoon and knit one out of Lopi. I'm still weaving in the ends so it's not ready for the camera yet. Should have a picture by Friday.

I'm only wearing this helmet in the privacy of my own property while walking my dogs.

Lastly, I'm thinking about knitting the Jean Frost Tea Rose Jacket. Mostly what I'm thinking about is all those bobbles. I'm not sure I want a jacket with hundreds of bobbles, although they look subdued and attractive in the picture. And I'm not sure I want to knit hundreds of bobbles. The effort could turn this into one of those projects that I can't bare to finish.

What do you like and/or not like about the Winter Knitter's?


Janice in GA said...

I kinda liked the Cranberry Squares hat. I think I just wnat to make a hat shaped like that, though -- kinda pillbox-y. I also liked the Victorian Ruby scarf. All the pattern interest is at the ends, where it shows, and the middle is fairly plain. That makes sense to me! The Woodsy Ribs vest is uninspired, but practical. I may make one for my dad. The rest of the stuff -- meh. I'm still trying to figure out why all the foofy tank tops and one-shoulder sweaters are in a Winter edition of the magazine though.

Birdsong said...

I HAVE let my subscription lapse, more than once... the last time I subscribed was so that I could get all the patterns for the Aran afgan, a few years back. I liked that they were featuring knitters from all over. Lately, my favorite feature has been the photos of people with their magazine taken all over the world. Corny, I know, but that is more a statement of the lacks.. I haven't found something I wanted to make in their magazine recently, but made three items out of Stitch and Bitch Nation since I got it in November, and keep finding great items I can't wait to make in other peoples' blogs and even on commercial knitting websites. Have you ever been to one of the Stitches conventions? I like the idea of seeing other peoples' work up close.