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Friday, November 12, 2004

First Opal Solids Order

Just had to spend some money on yarn today at my favorite online Opal source, Fiber Nooks and Crannys. No affiliation, just quick, friendly, and accurate service.

They are always first to get the new Opal collections up and available on their web site, so when I know a new collection is due I start watching. Yesterday I was rewarded by seeing the new Opal Solids for sale.

Trouble was I had about ten projects in mind for the Opal Solids, and needed to narrow the list down to a reasonable starting amount before I could order. That was my first task of the day today.

I ordered two skeins of red. There's a sock pattern with hearts and hugs I want to knit for someone I love. And red is one of my favorite colors to knit. I always have a use for red yarn.

Daughter Heather asked for blue socks, so I ordered a skein of the bright medium blue. It's going to be paired with some multicolored Opal for a jazzy sock with Old Shale lace cuffs.

I'm knitting a Barbie Aran. Have to say that with a smile because I've frogged it (rip-it, rip-it) several times. The pattern is an original design with saddle shoulders. So far it's been more error than success. The current version is in a light pink Lorna's Laces. I want to knit the final version in off white, so I ordered a skein of Opal Solid ecru.

Will also be using the ecru for solid color areas on socks. Like I mentioned, I have so many - too many - ideas of things to do with Opal Solids.

Fluted Banister Socks out of OpalHandpainted 11My son and daughter-in-law, who live across the country, have both requested a pair of Mom's knitted socks.

The Fluted Banister pattern is perfect for socks where approximate fit is the best I can do and it's beautiful in the Opal Handpainted. So, I "had to" order Handpainted #12 and #14 for their socks.

(Darn! After I posted I got notified that the #14 was sold out.)

The picture shows the Fluted Banister pattern in Opal Handpainted #11, my third pair of socks for the Six Sock Knitalong.

The new yarn should arrive sometime early next week. I have projects to finish before then so I will be ready to knit. Have no idea how I'm going to pick which project to do first. Guess I'll have to see which yarn screams at me the loudest.

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