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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Updates on Life

Updates on Life
German Shepherd Fraulein's mom and dad brought the rickshaw to doggy school Thursday night so I could see it and we could decide if Pappy and Sunny are riding in it for the Kalamazoo Christmas Parade. I think it's a "go". The box in the back is about eighteen by eighteen and eight inches deep. Pappy got in it and Fraulein pulled him around while I gave him little pieces of turkey dog. He was thinking he wanted to jump out, but as the little pieces of turkey dog appeared in front of his mouth he decided to stay in it and keep eating. In a few minutes he was relaxed and thinking that riding in the back of a rickshaw might be OK after all.

They left the rickshaw at Briarwood so Sunny can try it out on Monday night. She is a little more skittish about some things than Pappy is, so I'm curious to see how she does with it. Fraulein won't be there to pull her, so I'm going to try and recruit a human to do it. The rest of the dogs are learning to dance and/or leap and/or carry golden rings. Sunny and Pappy get off easy with just learning to ride in a box.

Mom's Beaded Socks are done and delivered. I left the toes open until I was sure they were going to fit. After the birthday party was over, she tried them on and I finished them up and took pictures. See Mom's Beaded Socks Album in Picturetrail. I'm very happy with the way they turned out. A fun project.

Next knitting project is not started. I'm still deciding what it's going to be. Opal Inspiration with eyelet lace I think.

Granddaughter Kimmy is turning eight on Thursday and the maternal side of her family had a party for her on Saturday hosted by Great-Grandmother, my Mom. It was a nice family get together and resulted in some good pictures of family members. For the interested, the pictures are on Picturetrail in the Kimmy's Birthday Party Album.

I think it's interesting that the contents of my refrigerator and freezer inspired more comments and funnier comments than anything else I've written about. Read the comments on the Friday, October 17 post for some interesting thoughts on preparing food and how to submit winning recipes in recipe contests.

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