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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Monthly Doos and Pappy Update

Looking for a unique Christmas gift?
Check out Monthly Doos - the 2004 dog poop calendar. Slogans: "Everything is dootiful in its own way." and "Monthly Doos. When you care enough to give a crap."

It's a beautiful calendar with a gorgeous scene for each month accentuated with a pile of dog poop. The calendar has "Loads of fun facts, quirky quotes and stories about the lore of dung, as well as portraits of the offally sweet mutts who made the mounds."

This is only the second year for the Monthly Doos. According to the back cover it's back by popular demand. "Monthly Doos 2004 is a craptacular follow-up to our steamingly successful first effort."

The calendar is published by - who else? - Watch Your Step Productions. They have a very nice website Monthly Doos complete with buzzing flies. You can see all the pictures and read more of the text. I found it too funny to be completely gross. It's worth a visit to the website even if you don't want to buy a calendar.

Watch Your Step only sells wholesale from the website. Unless you want a minimum of six, you will need a retail source. I got mine from SitStay, another great site to visit if you have a dog you love.

The calendar I bought is going to be a Christmas present for Gail, the dog trainer and owner of Briarwood Dog Training. What better gift for someone who inspired me to march as part of the "Poop Patrol" in the Doo Dah Parade last spring?

Weekend report
The weather this weekend has been so beautiful. I've taken advantage of it by going on many walks with the dogs. All in all it's been a very restful weekend. Next weekend Kimmy is coming over, so it will not be restful. In fact, I need to be careful not to get over tired this week so I'll have some energy left for Friday and Saturday.

Little by little I'm working on this blog to get it the way I want it. This weekend I installed another hit counter. This one is from Bravenet and seems to be working great. The stats are much better than the Blogger hit counter I had to rip out in order to get the comments to work. You can see the count tally at the bottom of this page. If you visit more than once in 24 hours, it only counts you once. I like that.

Pappy went to the vet Saturday for his annual checkup and shots. He's very healthy now, even his teeth. The vet estimated his age to be four years old. When we adopted him last November she estimated his age to be five. Maybe we should all start eating dogfood.

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