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Monday, September 22, 2014

Garage Door Down and Compass Alignment

Saturday we went out to the house and found the garage door down and two painters who were nervous about us touching something.

The front of the garage that is still unfinished will be bricked before the house is done.

We didn't touch anything and we didn't stay long. It was not a good place for non-painters to be.

We did appreciate the excellent job the painters have done and are doing. After seeing a professional paint job, I don't think I can ever paint by myself again and pretend it's a good job.

On the way home we admired the new Costco store scheduled to open November 1. It is the first Costco in the Kalamazoo area and it's only a few miles from our new home.

Today, Monday, we were back at the new house for a compass meeting with Craig, the flooring guy. Craig drew the outline of the compass on the floor just where we want it installed. Then Craig and Jay used a real compass to determine north so the slate compass will point true. True north is not straight down the hallway.

Side note: Jay does not have a missing arm. Have no idea what happened in that picture to make it look like he does.

Some of the light fixtures have been delivered and are sitting in the garage.

This is the fixture that is going in the front hall with the compass. The shades are made of shell and are so pretty.

Three matching pendant lights are going over the kitchen bar.

Three painters were working today, and where ever we went we seemed to be their way. We did our compass chore and headed home, much to their relief I'm sure.


kathy b said...

so close!

Garage Door Service Mpls said...

Thanks for sharing those garage doors info & pics with us!