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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Chat Back for April 2

Responding to comments left since the last time I did Chat Back.

Laura asked . . .
Can't we get spring to come to West Michigan?? Seriously, I am OVER this cold!

Yes! We are all ready for a beautiful, sunny 70 degree day. Including this Robin who would like the ground to unthaw enough so he can get breakfast out of it.

Linda Jo aka Beadknitter asked . . .
Came back to ask where you found that x stitch pattern? I've thought of a good use for it already. ;-)

The Red X Stitch Pattern is Number 6 in Knitting Patterns Book 300. It's one of the simpler stitch patterns in this gorgeous collection which can be purchased at Needles Arts Book Shop.

Needles Arts Book Shop has many Japanese knitting publications. It's a dangerous site to visit if you don't want to spend money.

They also have a free PDF on interpreting the Japanese knitting patterns.

Kathy in Iowa wrote . . .
Hopefully the deer do not like daffodils.
Nothing likes to eat the daffodils. They are rodent free, deer free, and insect free. Mother Nature's spring gift to us after a long, colorless winter. And, they always bloom the week the income tax is due.

Shirley asked . . .
I am trying to picture how you used the flashlight and knit at the same time. Maybe the flashlight was a stand alone model?
It was a combination of propping the flashlight in place with my sweatshirt and holding it in place with my chin. Not an elegant solution, but it worked long enough to get the gusset stitches started.

Linda Jo asked . . .
A knitters gotta do what a knitters gotta do. The flashlight was a good idea, and the socks look great. I applaud you for knitting with black. ;-)
If you could have seen me, you would have laughed instead of clapping.

Sanity has returned. I'm knitting stitches I can see this weekend.


Judy S. said...

Your black socks look terrific! Dark colors are tough, I agree. Love those goldfinch pictures, also the sandhill cranes. We've seen them in FLA and also wintering over east of our mts. They are such awesome birds.

Alwen said...

The local airport weather station claims it's 50 F out, but between the wind and the dampness, it does not feel very warm out there! Brrr.

But my daffodils are finally up. I might even see flowers by Easter. Usually if Easter is late in April like this, my daffs are all over and done with . . . we'll see.

kathy b said...

so funny. I have fun just imagining the flashlight pose!
I actually have a headlight for just such occasions! Lands End

Susanne said...

You might try one of those headband lights for such situations. They have completely adjustable (direction wise) head lights and it would be helpful in other situations where light is low and the reflection is too!