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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yarn in the Mail

It's been a while since there has been yarn in the mail, but the maillady delivered this week.

Knitpicks Bulky Wool of the Andes in Grape and SkyKnitpicks has a new, bulky weight Wool of the Andes. I bought 5 skeins of Grape and 5 skeins of Sky.

CIC knitters are always looking for reasonably priced wool yarn to knit up for the kids and this qualifies at the good price of 3.99 for 100g/137 yards. The Knitpicks free shipping on orders over $40 makes it a super price.

Task one is to knit a few swatches and pick a good gauge. The label says 3-3.75 sts=1" on #10-11 needles. Knitter's intuition tells me to start with the #10s. I'll report on my results.

Task two, after determining a good gauge, is to write a CIC toddler sweater pattern for this yarn. Please don't get too anxious, we're probably looking at October for the pattern to be published - still in plenty of time for the September/October/November sweater and vest challenge.

The red is worsted weight Wool of the Andes in heathered Firecracker. It looked like an irresistible color online, but the actual skeins are disappointing. The heathering is hardly noticeable and the red is not bright. It's more like a barn red.

Instead of looking at these skeins and saying WOW, I just said OK. It will make nice CIC socks. And maybe I'll be more impressed with the color when it's knit up.

Opal 6 PlyTime for some autumn birthday socks. DH Bob likes his socks worsted weight.

Years ago Patternworks carried a worsted weight wool sock yarn with 20% nylon that wears like iron. Bob still has all his socks knit with that yarn and he wears them daily. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name or manufacturer of the yarn, but I've done enough searching to assume it is no longer available.

My yet untried Plan A is to run solid color fingering weight sock yarn along with this 6 ply Opal from Simply Socks Yarn Company to make a worsted weight sock.

They need to be done by October 2 and I don't have a Plan B. The pressure is on.

Cozy in Cables SweaterSpeaking of pressure, there are CIC knitters chomping at the bit to use the new Cozy in Cables sweater pattern.

It won't be much longer. The pattern is in draft mode and the second test sweater is almost done.

With all the new yarn to play with and the birthday sock deadline, I'm highly motivated to get it finished. If the evening goes smoothly, the pattern MIGHT be posted tomorrow. I'm trying to hurry. Honest.

Fancy TwoOnly two more days until Mom's cast comes off. 10:00 on Friday morning, so that's less than 48 hours away.

We're not expecting life to instantly return to normal. There will be stiffness, soreness, and weakness to deal with. But there can be a real long, hot shower, an end to the itching and finger swelling, and the beginning of being comfortable. Maybe even a good night's sleep for her.

Mom and I are both looking forward to Friday.

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