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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Spring Again - No Harm Done

Apple blossoms after the snow with no harm doneSnow is gone, spring is back.

It is totally amazing that the temperature never dipped below the freezing point so all the plants are looking greener than ever - no frost burn on their leaves, no harm to the flowers.

Once the snow melted, the apple blossoms continued blooming just like they'd never been covered with snow. And all the plants were happy for the nice watering when the snow melted.

Fish Hatchery with swan nest and swan coupleWhen it warmed up on Monday, I grabbed Glory and we took a walk at the fish hatchery to check on the nesting swans. I'm hoping to see cygnets before leaving for Idaho next Tuesday.

Since I don't know when the eggs were laid, I don't know when they're due to hatch. Mute swans incubate for 36 to 38 days, so it's possible I'm going to miss the big event.

This picture shows the wonderful paths going between the ponds at the fish hatchery. As I've mentioned before, it's a great place to walk and they allow dogs on leash.

Three of the ponds have a Mute Swan nest. This is the pond where I can get closest to take pictures. All my pictures have been of this nest, but I'm watching all three.

This is also the only pond where we can get close enough to put the swans in a hissy fit. This time it was the female on the nest who got riled. She stood up to threaten us, hissing, and I could see her eggs. I could also see her seven foot wing span. Very impressive. We quickly walked on down the path. Didn't want to upset her too much.

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