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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Old Shale on Fire Socks

Old Shale on Fire socksA few months ago I knit this pair of Old Shale socks, making up the pattern as I went along. When they were done, I posted this picture on by personal blog, Seasons of Violet.

The socks are knit from Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. The multicolored outer cuff, heel, and toe are knit in a colorway called "Flame", so the socks are named "Old Shale on Fire".

Underneath the lacy cuff is two inches of solid red k1 p1 ribbing to cling snuggly to the leg. The lacy cuff folds loosely over the top of the ribbing, hiding it.

Once the ribbing starts to show from under the cuff, the ribbing changes to k7 p1 and continues down the instep.

The colorful toe starts an inch before the toe decreases in order to show off the Flame colors and keep the colorful yarn combination in balance.

These socks were knit for granddaughter Kimmy. I got so many requests for the nonexistent pattern that I kept the socks so I could knit a second pair and write the pattern down. That's what I'm doing with the blue pair of Old Shale socks pictured in Monday's post.

The first blue Old Shale sock is almost done. Old Shale has always been my favorite lace pattern and I'm enjoying the knit.

I've recorded the pattern and will test knit it by knitting the second blue Old Shale sock. The pattern should be ready to publish here sometime before Christmas.

Kimmy is finally going to get the Old Shale on Fire socks as one of her Christmas presents. Hope she likes them. If not, I know her mom will wear them.

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