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Friday, October 29, 2004

Just Starting Out

Welcome. This blog is under construction. Please come back occasionally to see the changes.

This is my new blog to post knitting related topics.

On the sidebar, I plan to post:
  • Links to free patterns for CIC knitting
  • Original patterns for CIC knitting
  • Links to Barbie patterns
  • Original patterns for Barbie
  • Original sock patterns
  • Whatever strikes my fancy

My goal is to update this blog once a week or more frequently if there is something knitting related to post.

My non-knitting blog is Seasons of Violet, which gets updated a minimum of three times a week. Would love to have you stop by Seasons of Violet and get acquainted.


Marguerite said...
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Marguerite said...

Starting this blog was a little nerve racking. There are weeks when I don't even want to update my first blog. But, here it goes and I'm excited to have it, at least for now. If I'm not excited later Blogger has a DELETE function.

Anonymous said...

I love the name!! The comments are those bummer ones that are hard to access, like John's, and I had to make the size of the blog smaller so I could see the icons on top to add it to my favorites. Other than that, it looks great!! Does this mean that all the knit alongs and Knitting Warrior Princess posts etc. will only be on this blog? That makes me sort of sad...it was always a confusing time when all that appeared on Seasons, but it always made me smile.

Anonymous said...

I think the previous blog must have been Carrie? What's with the sign up and password stuff. I like the Seasons comment form. Can't it be used on this new blog. Of course, it's Monette here. I really don't like being Anonymous!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymously speaking, I found my comment. The lovely photo of Violets obscures your name, or at least the last few letters in it. Positive note: I like the size of the printing in these comments.