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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fog, Phone, and Flowers

A few days ago we had a foggy morning. I noticed that the blue heron who hunts in the pond was sleeping under the willow branches. When it was hazy daylight, I took a few pictures of it as it started its morning hunt for breakfast.

When I traded in my Frontier landline for a Verizon Home Connect 4G home phone (same phone number), I also signed up for a 4G wi-fi connection. There is no more Frontier (non)Communications in my home.

To celebrate, I bought a Android cell phone. Setting it up and learning how to use it has taken most of my spare time this week but it's been fun. Already I don't know how I got along without it.

Do you have any favorite Android apps to recommend?

Brother Dave sent me this eye candy from his garden. He lives in drought free Oregon.


kathy b said...

GOOD for you and your new phone!!! Fireman has an Iphone, I dont need one yet....but I LOVE to borrow his. No app wisdom here...sorry

Dee said...

I love Pocket, an app that lets you read web pages offline. And I'm addicted to Scramble with Friends.

CAROL said...

The flowers are GORGEOUS!!!

Judy said...

Love the blue heron picture.
Someday I'll give in to pressure and buy a phone. Maybe.

BeadKnitter said...

Beautiful lilies!

Congrats on the new phone. I can't believe how much I love mine either. I wonder how I ever got through life without it.

3 apps I love:
Ravulous-Ravelry app for editing your notebook, searching yarn and patterns, etc. Can't access forums with it, but it will beeb a signal if you get forum replies and PMs.

The second one is Advanced Tally Counter. Awesome row counter app. Free too!

I also have Pandora on my phone so I can listen to music while knitting out on the deck.

Judy S. said...

Great heron photo; looks like it likes your willows! Now that it's gotten hot here there's a horrific wildfire over the pass on the east side of the mts. Our summers are dry which surprises lots of folks.

Joyce said...

I hear there are some good knitting apps out there, and of course the "Angry Birds" game. :) I still have an old-style flip phone that I refer to as my Star Trek communicator...