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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Wings - Song Sparrow

Each year seems to bring a different mix of small birds to the feeders. This past winter the feeders were full of Song Sparrows and I ended the season with many unpublished Song Sparrow pictures waiting for a post.

Since the forecast calls for snow tonight, it seems like the perfect Wednesday to publish a few of them before spring takes over.

Now that it's the end of March, I'm hoping once this week is over there will be no more snow pictures on this blog until next winter.


NMjewel said...

Wishful thinking, I'd say! Here in NM we'll have a snow storm or two until May. You just go right ahead and use up those snow pictures. (They ARE pretty.)

Alwen said...

I have to admit I went to the bird guides for this one, but I think you have American Tree Sparrows, sometimes called the "winter chipping sparrow".

The identifying mark is what they call the "stickpin", that little dark spot on the breast, vs. the song sparrow's bolder stripes.

Cheerfully I admit to being a bird geek!

Song Sparrow:

American Tree Sparrow:

(And my verification word: "chiplin"!)