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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Late Spring - End of March

This has been the coldest March I can remember.

Last week we had six days in a row when it never hit 40. Even when the sun comes out, the temperatures are staying around 40 and nighttime temperatures fall into the teens.

Some geese stopped by to see if the pond might be a good nesting spot. Fourteen, almost fifteen, year old dog Glory earned a "good girl" by chasing them off.

After goose chasing, it was time for a polar plunge.

The deer stop by daily to check if the hostas are up and ready to eat.

Hostas can't take freezing and know enough to stay in the ground for now.

Daffodils are just the opposite. They grow under snow, they grow when frozen, and they're determined to bloom in the middle of April even if warm weather hasn't arrived by then.


Anonymous said...

Glory is a brave girl to chase the geese away. It's the opposite with dogs in my neighborhood including our dog. The geese are bigger than he is and he won't go near them.

Never fear - soon we will all be sweltering in the hot Summer months.

Donna said...

Same weather here in Ohio, had 3 inches of snow yesterday!!

Kathy... said...

Hopefully the deer do not like daffodils.