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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Early Spring, Mid March

We don't have much color yet in SW Michigan.

Instead of hanging around the feeding station, the birds are spread out claiming their nesting territories.

I've heard that Chickadees will use nest boxes, but I've never had a Chickadee nest in one of mine. Maybe this will be the year.

The Hellebore plants are evergreen, but after they've been buried under the snow for several months the leaves look totally beat up. Still, they put out the earliest blooms in the garden.

I think everyone in the Midwest has Snowdrops. They bloom before the Crocus, the rodents don't like to eat their bulbs, and they're always a welcome sight to see on the first sunny day after the snow melts off them.


Judy S. said...

I love cardinals and helebores! Have had dismal luck growing the latter though.

kathy b said...

here's to a chickadee dee dee for you this year!!!