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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knitting Books on My Wishlist

My bookshelf is heavy with knitting books and I try to be careful about adding to the collection. I want my knitting books to be only those I will use over and over again.

These two made it on my Christmas wish list this year.

I love knitting topdown, especially sleeves. I'm hoping this book will add to my top down abilities.

In general the reviews indicate the technical information is excellent and well written, but the specific patterns are not my style. Since technical information on top down knitting is scarce, I think this book will be a reference book keeper in my library.

Caution though, this is not a review. I haven't read the book yet so can't vouch for its content.

Cookie's book is a have to have. I've read it's a gorgeous book full of beautiful sock pictures. I want it just for that, even if I never knit a sock from its pages. But no chance of that happening.

Many buyers, especially unsuspecting buyers, are disappointed that twelve of the nineteen patterns in this book have been published elsewhere. Including Monkey.

I've knit many a Monkey sock and will probably knit more. There's something reassuring to me about having the pattern in a book. Forever and ever.

Then there's the seven new Cookie A. patterns. How many can I resist knitting? If the past is any indication, not many.

And finally, I believe in rewarding excellence. Cookie is a genius sock designer and I want her to thrive and be prolific. I'm honored to support her by purchasing her book.

Any knitting books on your list for Santa?


Engranon said...

Cookie A's new book is not only on my list, it is in my gift drawer waiting to go under the tree. Yes, I bought it for myself. How else am I going to be sure to get what I want?

Dorothy said...

Cookie A's book and, as much as her attitude annoys me, Starmore's reprint of Aran knitting - if nothing more than for the resizing options.

Anonymous said...

CookieA's book although it is out of stock at Amazon. I also have the new Aran Knitting book on my list only because the original book is so difficult to find. The Book of Wool and Stephanie van der Linden's new sock book are also on my list.

Mrs. Susan Wike said...

I also have Cookie A's new book on my list, even though I don't have her first one. (looks too complicated) I want the 25th edition of Knitter's Almanac just because I love Elizabeth Zimmerman's writing so much.

Brenda Chilcott said...

I picked up Cookie's newest book, and it is lovely. Im looking forward to knitting some of them at least.

Susan said...

I have the top-down knitting book and it was a huge disappointment. It has very modern and young patterns, and a LOT of dresses. I will never, ever knit or wear a knit dress, my body just isn't up to that kind of fashion.

There are no techniques really, just patterns.

Cookie A's book is marvelous and visually beautiful. The patterns are very well presented. You will really like it.

Kathy said...

No books this year. I was intrigued by your TOP down choice. I will browse through it at the bookstore soon. The items look pretty intimidating to me at a glance.....big garments! Lots of knitting!