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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Miss Knitting For CIC

Many of my readers have knit for CIC, some after reading about it here on Stitches of Violet.

Unfortunately there is no longer a good way to get our handknits to the kids in Eastern Europe and CIC is no longer accepting donations.

Knitting for the kids was a pleasure for me and I'm sad about this.

For those who are interested in more detail, the following is a letter CIC_Knit List Mom Elizabeth sent to the list. I have Elizabeth's permission to duplicate and post it here.
Hello, everyone:

If you've been knitting for CIC for a long time, and have been on this list for a while, you will have noticed that the challenge projects haven't been as big, or as frequent. . . the sad but true situation is that it's getting harder and harder to adopt from Russia, and with fewer people traveling, fewer sweaters, pairs of socks, etc can be delivered. When we first started this list, parents were traveling every week; last year, only 6 Russian kids came home to the U.S. through Adoptions Together.

For the past several years, we've donated September through December to knitting for other groups. And you've been wonderful, and made such a difference. . . by all means, keep knitting for any of those that inspire you. Sadly, the need is always there. But we've been able to do less and less for CIC on what is, after all, a CIC list.

The good news is that the job training programs and independent living education that CIC has set up in some of the orphanages for the older kids are having great results! Kids are making the transition to "real life" and have been able to find employment. It sounds like a small thing, but it's not -- it's essentially saved those lives. Unfortunately, those programs require funds, not socks from us. Currently, Project Independence serves 200 children in the various stages of preparing for life after the orphanage. There is an administrator, a social worker and a psychologist on staff. To grow the program and serve more kids, more staff must be hired. Until then, CIC will continue to serve 200, filling spots as kids graduate from job training programs and become employed. Even one child having an option other than crime or the streets is wonderful. CIC is making some difference, helping some children not be part of the 90% of deinstitutionalized kids that within two years, are in jail, on the street or dead.

So as far as the CIC list, we're going to have to start doing things differently. But we urge all of you to stay subscribed, and keep your eyes open. Here's a list of some of the changes:

1. Starting immediately, do not send *ANY* knitted items to the Adoptions Together office. In the future, specific requests that go out on the list will have specific addresses associated with that call for items. 2. If you find any publication or Internet source that lists CIC/Adoptions Together as needing donations, please let me or Karen Porter know so we can get in touch with them and explain the situation. 3. There will still be opportunities to send warm clothing, but they will be sporadic, and will come and go quickly. Karen may get to go again, or sometimes medical personnel are traveling and tell Karen they can take X number of pounds of donations. . . these projects will have a quick turnaround time, and we will post the opportunities--and due dates-- to this list immediately! 4. If you, for whatever reason, are totally committed to providing items to "our" orphanages, there's a list in our files of addresses, and you are welcome to mail things yourself. Be aware that (a) it's expensive and (b) there's the chance your gifts won't get there.

Finally. Karen writes: "Thank you all for your warm, enthusiastic, and loving devotion to these kids. Children in Common continues to grow and help more kids each year. As times change, so does CIC's ability to fill needs. For now, the only efficient way to help the kids is to fund programs for the older children and to buy items locally as needed. When I and others travel, in addition to hand carrying items, we take cash and buy or arrange for purchase when there. CIC also wires funds as needed for specific needs as they arise. We will continue to do everything we can, and hope to be sending things over with travelers soon. Until then, know that each stitch in every item has been a blessing, proof that you love the children of the world, whether you know their names, see their faces or ever meet them. Your gifts have warmed children. Your grace illuminates the world. Thank you."


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