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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chat Back on December 19

Answering questions from comments and email.

Jean asked (about the Little Shell Rib Socks). . .
The pattern looks delicate, I wonder if they would work if knitted with cotton sock yarn for summer?
It should work as well as any other stitch pattern and better than most.

I may try it on Sister Carrie's Panda Cotton socks for her April birthday.

Leslie T. asked . . .
I love the little shell rib socks. I have tried several times to print out the stitch pattern you give but every time I do the text looks like Greek or Russian...the headings are fine. Any suggestions?
It requires someone geekier than me to explain what is happening. I can't reproduce the problem.

I did copy and paste the stitch pattern into an email and send it to Leslie.

Dorothy asked (about these mitts). . .
I notice that a gauge is not given. Andean treasure is sport weight, right? I know that fingerless mitts in sock weight fit me at the same gauge and stitches as socks (about 56). I'm wondering if 60 stitches would be too big in sport weight or if the cables really do draw in that much.
Andean Treasure is sport weight. The Andean Treasure used in the mitts was frogged from tightly knit and laundered swatches so it was squished thin. The mitts were knit with #2 needles. I can't even guess at a gauge with the k2p2 ribbing.

The ribbing makes them very elastic. When at rest, not stretched out on my hands, they only measure 2.5 inches across. My hands are small (Size S store bought gloves, size 5 ring) and they fit nice. The cable pulls in a little at the wrist, but not much.

It would be easy to eliminate 4 stitches if you need to make the mitts smaller.

Lynn asked . . .
So is it wrong that I'm planning a trip to SEE snow in Jan?!?!
Not at all. Snow is always nice for a few days. Especially if you can arrange not to get snowbound at the airport or on the highway.

I'd love to go somewhere and get warm in January. Bermuda comes to mind.

I was there 40 years ago and it was so beautiful, sunny, and warm. Has anyone been there recently? Is it still a nice place to vacation? I never hear of anyone going there anymore.

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