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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chat Back for November 21

Answering questions from comments and email.

Lynn asked . . .
So you should have more (milkweed) next year, right?? Do you get a lot of butterflies around it?
The pretty white fluffy milkweed seeds are everywhere just waiting to sprout into new plants in the spring.

The plants are welcome where we let the yard grow wild. The plants in the grass die after they're mowed so they're not a bother.

The butterfly population in SW Michigan has sadly declined in the past two decades. The few we have do seem to like the milkweed blossoms.

Jean asked . . .
Is that a bumble bee? (On the milkweed flower here.)
That's right. Unlike the butterfly population, I haven't noticed a decline in the bee/wasp population since we moved here eighteen years ago.

I always imagined a bumblebee sting would hurt more than a honey bee sting since they're bigger. After inadvertently testing this theory, I can report it's not true. They both hurt about the same.

Dorothy asked . . .
Wow! Those are gorgeous!! So - how do they fit you?


Dorothy asked . . .
What's up next?
Assuming you're asking about Cookie A. socks, Eunice is next.

I have a rant on this pattern that needs its own blog post.

For now I'll just say this 80 stitch sock is too wide to fit me even though I'm using 2.25mm needles. And a seven stitch cable is too wide to use in a sock pattern.

Sue J. asked . . .
What will you do with all these gorgeous socks? Gifts? Wear them? Are there any patterns so far that you will repeat knitting? Will you be purchasing her new book this Spring?
Most of the Cookie A. socks are mine. I'm reluctant to gift Cookie socks because of the fitting challenges. Most of my gift recipients have no appreciation for intricate stitch patterns and prefer a basic, better fitting practical sock.

When it comes down to picking out a pair of socks in the morning, I also go for the basic, better fitting practical socks. For now, the Cookie socks are hanging on an over the door towel rack on the inside of my closet door and serving mostly as eye candy.

Repeating a pattern? No plans to do so, but it could happen. I'm not going to throw the book away when I'm done with it.

I'm sure I'll buy the new book in the spring, for the eye candy if nothing else. I could be very tired of knitting Cookie socks by then and I do not need more socks. Really, I don't.

Or, I could decide that knitting and collecting Cookie socks is an inexpensive hobby I enjoy, even if it's not totally practical.

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