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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family Updates

Thanks to everyone who has prayed and/or sent good thoughts for my family, both human and canine. Here is a brief update for all who have asked.

DH Bob
The first step in his treatment was successful. We're in waiting mode to regain some strength and regulate drugs.

Our next appointment to see a doctor is August 11, but meanwhile we are making numerous trips to the lab for blood draws.

Mom had a heart attack shortly before her 87th birthday. On her birthday she had four stents inserted, and now feels like herself again, young and peppy and dancing twice a week.

Yesterday we had the followup meeting with the cardiologist. He discontinued most of her heart drugs and said he'd see her in a year.

We celebrated with a caramel sundae.

Glory, our 13 year old lab mix, loves to roll around in things, the stinkier the better.

At her last grooming appointment, the groomer claimed she couldn't bath the smell off Glory. We thought Glory smelled much better, although not perfect. The groomer suspects Glory has a skin infection causing the smell, although she couldn't find a rash or any other physical evidence to support that theory. Glory's ears are OK.

If any of my dog loving readers have ever heard of such a thing, could you leave me a comment? I've spent a fortune at the vet office lately and hesitate to take a dog who has nothing wrong except a smell, especially when I know she rolls in gross things.

I have visions of the vet staff laughing in the back room, "Doesn't that woman know what horse sh*t smells like?"

Sunny, our 8 year old, 14 pound, third generation (or more) designer dog, has advanced osteoarthritis of the spine. She recently had a painfull, crippling spell that required almost two months of steroid treatment.

The vet wasn't sure she would ever be without steroids again, but she has been without for two weeks now.

Final words from the vet were something like this: "Everything she does is a risk, but you need to let her be a dog."

How helpful is that?

Then he said, "You can let her run, but don't let her bump into anything or turn sharp corners."

Even more unhelpful and impossible. Sunny herds.

Least I give the wrong impression of the vet, he was totally helpful and supportive during her treatment. He kept in touch by phone and carefully monitored the tapering off of her meds at the end. He just doesn't know what to say now.

There are no easy answers and no cures. Everything she does is a risk and we worry about her daily while we're trying to let her be a dog.

Pappy, our 11 year old (or older) rescue Papillon, had ten loose teeth removed July 15th.

I've heard this is a common thing for older little dogs, but it's the first time one of our dogs has needed it done.

Once his mouth healed, he had no problem learning where he could still chew. He's actually able to eat better with the loose teeth gone.

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