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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FLS Progress and Mohair Swatch

The February Lady Sweater for Sister Carrie is zipping right along.

As well as being easily memorized, the lace pattern is one of those where it's easy to see immediately if stitches aren't falling in the right place.

Carrie requested a version without buttons. It will be interesting to see what the front neck does without buttons to hold it up.

Pattern: February Lady Sweater.

Yarn: Elann Coto Canapone. Worsted weight. 52% cotton, 48% hemp.

Color: Murano Blue.

Needles: Options #7.

Gauge: 4.5 stitches/inch in garter stitch.

Still trying to imagine what this mohair would like to be, I knit a swatch to get a feel for how it knits up.

It knits up very fuzzy. Not a surprise. It wasn't an easy knit with all the fuzziness.

My original bind off was too tight. When I tried to frog it, I learned that whatever I do with this yarn I do not want to make anything that might require frogging. The stitches were not coming out easily and some refused to come out at all.

To sum up, it's a very fuzzy yarn that needs to be knit in stockinette or garter because the stitches aren't going to show through all the fuzz. On #10 needles I got 3 stitches/inch. Whatever it becomes is going to be colorful and warm. And it needs to be something simple.

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