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Monday, November 17, 2008

Beginning of Winter

This was the scene early this morning as the dogs and I headed out for our first walk of the day.

I was cozy and warm in an insulated underwear shirt, jeans, heavy wool socks, my helmet hat, and a Land's End Squall Parka.

Heavy duty shoes were OK for the early morning walk, but the snow has picked up again. I'll locate my boots before the next dog walk.

The weather forecast says four more inches today. Due to the unpredictable Lake Effect Snow, snow depth forecasts are always iffy. National Weather Service has been known to create panic about storms that fizzle and miss calling major snow falls.

Much yard work was accomplished this year. The rest will have to wait.

I'd love to get in one more mowing. We say that every year while in denial that mowing season is definitely over.

The sky is dumping white stuff while I write this (10:30 am) so four more inches or even more looks very possible.

Hard to resist taking pictures of the red cardinals in the snow. In this picture, taken just a few minutes ago, the camera was set to show the snow fall, not so much the bird.

Winter has arrived in SW Michigan.

Lunchtime Weather Update: The National Weather Service has decided to up its forecast since the snow doesn't seem to be stopping. There's a "DISTURBANCE" moving into the area which could result in 12 inches of snow by morning. Hope this is one of the days they're wrong. I'm not mentally ready for 12 inches yet.

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