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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chat Back for November 29

Answering questions from comments and email.

First we'll chat about the weather. That's a Michigan thing to do - the year round number one small talk topic.

This picture was taken about 2 pm today. The temperature made it up to a high of 42 F/6 C. The top layer of ground is frozen so the snow lingers longer above freezing than it would have a few weeks ago when the ground was not as deeply frozen.

The sun and temperature both drop fast this time of year. Sunset this evening is 5:13. It looks like we're going to keep some white stuff around until tomorrow when the forecast is for Mother Nature to spend the next four days refreshing the snow covering.

Kathy asked . . .
When you tried frogging, did you first put the yarn in the freezer? That will help mohair not grab onto each other.
I'm a novice, uninformed mohair knitter and had no idea some time in the freezer would help.

I like the idea, though. Sounds like the perfect punishment for some of my uncooperative projects.

Robbyn asked . . .
Regarding the mohair, have you thought about a throw or a blanket?
I confess to being partial to store bought synthetic fleece throws and blankets. That likely disqualifies me for the Knitter's Hall of Fame.

In my defense, they're easy to launder and I don't have to worry about moths when I drizzle food into the nap.

I've started a stockinette plain sleeveless vest with the mohair. Looks like it will use most of both skeins so there wasn't enough for anything requiring more yardage.

Today's Speed Bump is really all about yarn and knitting, even if it's not obvious from the picture.

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