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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Snow and a Happy Box

Yesterday we got a foot of new snow. Some drifts are up to my knees.

The snow started about 9:30 am and by 10:30 am the road reports sounded like SW Michigan was playing bumper cars. Good Friday services and Easter egg hunts were cancelled.

I hunkered down and stayed home. It's spring. I'm sure it will all melt soon.

Our fearless mail lady drove through the drifts and delivered a package from Beadknitter. I was the lucky winner of her Blogiversary contest. She gives great prizes.

Sock yarn! ON-Line Highland color. There are some bright pinks, light pinks, and a little purple. Just the thing to put some color into an all white all the time day. I'm wondering if I can fit in a pair of socks for myself before I need to start daughter Heather's birthday socks

Yummy stuff! I had to take the picture quick because that Wild Huckleberry Chocolate Bar was opened and savored while we watched the snow come down. It says "Slightly Sinful" in the lower right corner of the wrapper. I agree. It was perfect with a cup of coffee on a snowy afternoon. And yes, I shared with DH.

More Yummy stuff! Idaho Wild Huckleberry Jam. I'm saving it to have on my Easter morning pancakes tomorrow. I've had it before and know that it's delicious.

What would be a gift box from Beadknitter without beads?

These stitch markers are so pretty I had to give them their own picture. I can't pick a favorite.

Thank you Linda for a great box of goodies. It couldn't have arrived on a better day.

Mr. Cardinal says: Hey! What's with this stuff?

I thought it was time for nest building and mating and baby cardinals.

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