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Friday, March 07, 2008

End of Season Interviews

We are coming to the end of the coldest and snowiest winter in the life of the three canine members of the family. Today I interviewed them about their winter experience.

Glory, an 11 year old, 60 pound lab mix.

I rather enjoyed the snow and cold. Sometimes the snow got between my toes, but Mom and Dad didn't let me stay out long enough for it to be a problem.

Actually, that's my main complaint about the whole thing. Mom was a wimp about taking long walks and we often had to go back in the house before I was done romping.

The days it was super cold I beat her to the door.

Sunny, a 6 year old, 16 pound mix of papillon, poodle, terrier, some breed that herds, and probably others.

I spent as much time in the house as possible. On the super bad days I would hide when it was time to go for a walk with Mom.

There is no need to go walking when the weather is nasty. I have Dad wrapped around my little paw. He will go out and stand on the porch while I dash out, do what I have to do, and run back to the door.

Several times Mom disappointed me on my doggy school night. She said we had to stay home for reasons I didn't understand. Like, "It's snowing so hard I can't see to drive." How come she can't sniff her way there?

The worst thing of all? Iceballs! I have curly chest hair that works like an ice magnet if I don't wear a coat.

Pappy, a 14 pound Papillon of unknown senior age.

I have a very heavy fur coat, but my feet are delicate and quickly get cold. Sometimes when we're having a nice winter walk I try to lift all four feet off the ground at once. It works wonders. Mom picks me up and carries me home.

When it's not too cold for my feet, the snow is fun. When it's deep, I hop through it like a rabbit. I like to tunnel into it looking for little rodents.

Mom put an old comforter in my favorite chair. Today the sun was shining in the window. Ahhhhh. Winter is no problem when I can come back inside to this.

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