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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chat Back for March 15

Answering questions from comments and email.

Vivian asked . . .
How long do your sweaters last? Do you keep the old ones since they are your handknits?

I've only been knitting wool sweaters for myself for about three years, so I don't know how long they're going to last. Based on my experience so far, I'm guessing it will be a long time.

This is going to create problems as the number of sweaters grows. Maybe I'll just consider myself a collector. Don't most people have things they collect that they really don't need?

There are handknit acrylic blend knits in my closet that I don't wear anymore. I need to do something with them. Thriftstore?

Ann asked . . .
The color (Chenille swatch) is gorgeous & it looks so soft. How can you wait till April?

It's even worse than that! Dorothy and I are planning to knit this sweater together as a very informal knit-a-long and we've set the start date as May 11.

We both have other knitting to finish up, Dorothy is completing her last semester of college in April, and we're each planning a trip across country in April to visit our granddaughters.

The swatch satisfied my need to cast on immediately. Now it's all packed away until the time is right in May.

Susan asked . . .
I also love feeding the birds and wonder what method you use to feed the doves. They don't like any of the feeders that we have. What kind of feeder are you finding works well for you?

The doves like to eat on a large, flat surface - like on the ground under a feeder.

We have a 1 X 8 board stretched across the balcony. The feed we put on it is right out in the open. We did it for the cardinals and doves that won't eat out of a feeder, but all of the birds who like to eat right side up like the board.

The doves' favorite food is black oil sunflowers seeds. Every seed eating bird we have likes them. We buy 50 pound bags and go through hundreds of pounds every winter.

Dani asked . . .
I bet they (the dogs) are just bouncing out of their fur in anticipation of doggie school night. Do they act like the "know" when the day comes?

They know the words "doggy school".

When I say "doggy school", they look at me until I say the name of the dog who's going. The chosen dog gets excited - Sunny prances, Pappy howls. The not chosen dog slinks off to the back room to pout.

All three dogs get semi-hysterical when we return from doggy school because I pass out the left over training treats - turkey dog pieces.

Wendy asked . . .
Where do you find glove needles...patternworks?

I don't know. I remember picking my set in a yarn store, but I don't remember which one.

I do remember the package was dusty and sitting in the corner looking like it had given up on ever being sold. The owner probably celebrated when I paid for them. I doubt she restocked.

I better start looking now while I still have two that aren't lost. It could take a while to find some.

Dani asked . . .
I've often wondered if you would ever think about condensing them into a "yarn review" page that can be clickable on your main page?

I created a Blogger label for Sample Skeins. The labels show up at the end of each post. If you click on it you'll get all the Sample Skein posts.

Also, you can do a blog search in the bar at the top of my blog. I use it all the time to find things I've written. Be sure and click on the SEARCH BLOG option. It works well.

I must repeat that my thoughts on yarn are NOT yarn reviews. I do not do actual yarn reviews. I write personal reactions to yarn. For example: If I received a skein of the most wonderful silk yarn ever spun I would not like it because I don't like knitting with silk.

For actual yarn reviews I highly recommend Clara Park's Knitter's Review. She does very thorough reviews, it's free online, and you can do a search.

Donna asked . . .
I see the mesh bag as bird feeders, and am wondering...how do you keep the squirrels from ripping it?

Sheila asked . . .
How do you keep the squirrels away from that bag of peanuts?

The peanut feeder is hanging from the eaves with a long S hook and a squirrel baffle. Not that such a setup ever stopped a squirrel who wanted a feeder.

The real reason the squirrels don't bother the peanut bag is because they don't want the peanuts. They prefer the sunflower seeds.

During the most severe winter weather, DH Bob put peanuts out on the windowsill for the squirrels. The squirrels ignored them and ate sunflower seeds.

One popular type of peanut feeder is a heavy metal mesh cage the birds cling to while pecking at the peanuts. At the first sign of squirrel trouble, I would happily have bought one, but it didn't happen.

Sheila asked . . .
So, do you have a plan of something to do with your Elann swatches?

Swatching them is a great idea, but, then, what to do with the watches.
I plan to file the swatches and color cards. Just because I don't want superwash wool yarn today, doesn't mean I won't have a yen for it later.

If I buy yarn at Elann, the sample skein program won't cost me anything. All Elann purchases are 10% off until the discounts equal the price of the subscription.

Plus, it's fun to get the package and fun to knit up the little swatches. I'm learning about the attributes of yarn I've never tried knitting before and probably never would if it weren't for the swatches.

It's all good except the shipping costs on Elann orders. They're high, especially since I'm used to Knitpicks free shipping.

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