Let the past sleep, but let it sleep in the sweet embrace of Christ, and let us go on into the invincible future with Him. (Oswalt Chambers)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday's Feast for April 13

It's Friday, so let's have a Feast.

Appetizer - When you were a child, which crayon color was your favorite?


I monitored my use of it so I wouldn't use it up before the other colors.

Soup - On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how likely would you be to change jobs if it required you to move?

I'm happily retired and no longer need to worry about this possibility.

Salad - Take all the numbers in your birthday and your phone number and add them up, one by one. What’s the total?

73. Why do I care about this?

Main Course - Have you ever “re-gifted” anything? If so, what was it and who did you pass it on to?

Not unless giving away knitted garments from gift yarn counts as re-gifting. I got the pleasure of the knitting, so I don't think it counts.

Dessert - Name something you need from the store.

I need my GEMS Merino order from handknitting.com. It's been three weeks since I ordered and their website shows it hasn't shipped yet. Not good.

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