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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogiversary Questions - Knitting Favorites Part 1

My overly analytical mind goes berserk when someone asks me to name a "favorite" something. Thinking of my favorites is never simple.

For example, asked "What is your favorite color?", I need to know what kind of color? Color flower? Color wall paint? Color car? Color sweatshirt? Color yarn?

Maybe the question is more specific like "What is your favorite color yarn?" I still can't give a straight answer. Fluffy yarn? Sock yarn? Worsted wool? For CIC knitting? For myself? What season? What am I knitting? What day is it? What mood am I in? I can think of endless qualifications.

Now that I've confessed to favorites not being my favorite, I'll attempt to answer some blogiversary questions about my knitting favorites. Forgive me if I ramble instead of giving absolute answers.

Joanne asked . . .
Knitting inspiration comes from many people. If you could pick one "traditional, long known" knitter and one "modern, on-the-cutting edge" knitter, which two would you pick?
After all the preamble excuses, I can actually answer this question with no hesitation!

Bookshelf with knitting books including the four Barbara Walker stitch treasuriesMy favorite traditional knitter is Barbara G. Walker. Her stitch treasuries are my most treasured knitting books. They are not only loaded with wonderful stitch patterns, she gives a wealth of information on how to form the stitches and what type of fabric to expect when they're knit.

Knitting From the Top is another Walker book I frequently pull off the shelf. Her formula for knitting set in sleeves by picking up stitches at the shoulder and short rowing the sleeve cap is genius. I use it whenever I can.

My modern, on-the-cutting edge knitter award goes to Kathy Zimmerman.

Woman's Cabled Pullover by Kathy ZimmermanOver and over again I spot a beautiful knitting pattern in a magazine or catalog and I can guess before looking it's a Kathy Zimmerman design. I've never knit one, but I love to look at them and I've been inspired by them.

This Kathy Zimmerman masterpiece has been sitting in my folder of recent photos for a month now. Every day I admire the beauty and genius of the cable flow.

Because I know someone is going to ask, this is a Classic Elite pattern, shown here. I haven't found a place to buy it yet.

Yvonne asked . . .
What is your all-time-favorite brand and type of needle?
Almost all my knitting is done on Addi Turbo circulars with an occasional switch to double points. I never knit with single pointed straight needles.

The Addi Turbo circulars are my favorite by default. They were available at a convenient yarn store when I started building my needle collection. When I used them they were adequate in every way, so I bought more as needed.

I'd like to try some of the wood circular needles - rosewood, ebony, etc. But what if I love them and have to end up purchasing a complete new needle collection?

Kristy who blogs at Simple Elegance asked . . .
I love that your knitting is varied -- lace, cables, socks, socks, socks -- what do you most enjoy knitting?
Knitting is my pleasure, my hobby. I have an informal rule that if I'm not enjoying what I'm knitting, I don't continue. I frog it. If the yarn is part of the unenjoyment, I give it away.

There are exceptions to this - projects where I've plowed through until the end for some reason. If you read this blog regularly, you've heard me whine as I finish them.

Sometimes the enjoyment comes not from the knitting but from knowing the recipient is going to love and/or really need the item. Most CIC knitting and some gifts fall in this category.

Now, for a straight answer to the question: On most days and in most seasons I most enjoy knitting socks with an interesting stitch pattern. Socks have no seams, no sleeve island, and they're usually done before I'm tired of looking at them.

Tomorrow - Favorite knit items and favorite sock patterns

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